The Ultimate Guide To L.A.


Los Angeles is a city that has almost always been defined by its u0003robust car culture, but LA Metro’s trying to change all of that.

Red Bull was on a quest to launch an interactive microsite to bring the city of Los Angeles a single map of the 50 greatest bars, resturaunts, music venues, museums, and outdoor destinations. Our collective team set out to identify and document the best spots throughout the city with one thing in common, you can get there by hopping on the LA Metro line.

With the addition of the Expo rail line earlier this year, LA’s blossoming public transportation system has been changing traffic patterns, travel routes and the perception of the City of Angels as a whole. Now you don’t need a car to move through neighborhoods, meet up with friends and experience all of the best things that Los Angeles has to offer.

Client: Red Bull | Role: Executive Creative Director | Agency: Hathway






"Embrace the freedom and take any route you want — we’ll always have a fantastic place to visit along the way."